OneGigabit’s residential Internet services are available for apartments, condominiums and townhouses throughout the Vancouver area. Our service model is based on providing a 1 Gbps FTTH (fiber to the home) connection to every unit in a particular building. This requires in-building wiring from each suite to a wiring closet or basement electrical equipment room, typically using cat5e, cat6 or singlemode fiber optic cable from each suite to OneGigabit’s router in the building.

At this time, OneGigabit does not offer individually billed residential services for houses or single units in apartments/condominiums. Our service is provisioned for an entire building, as is common practice with other fiber-to-the-home ISPs in densely populated areas. Do you want OneGigabit service in your home? Please contact us and ask us to get in touch with the management company or condominium strata council responsible for your building. OneGigabit will provide you and your strata council with a comprehensive information package illustrating how the service is brought to the building, in-building cabling and other details of our 1Gbps FTTH access.

residential_400x300Our 1 Gbps FTTH services are available for:

  • Apartment and condominium buildings located within 20 km of downtown, with pre-existing Ethernet cable from each suite to a basement wiring demarcation point.
  • Retrofit and upgrade of apartment and condominium buildings. OneGigabit assists property owners and strata boards with the process and costs involved in upgrading a building’s premises wiring to meet the needs of the next 50 years. Thanks to recent advances in FTTH-type fiber optic cable technology, bend loss insensitive fiber can be connected to each suite using the same installation methods as copper telephone cables or other common, low-voltage wiring installation methods.Building upgrade and retrofit projects designed and implemented by OneGigabit will guarantee future-proof network capacity, supporting upgrades at 10 Gbps or greater from each suite to the basement wiring closet room.
  • Newly planned or currently under construction apartment and condominium projects. If integrated into the design of a building at the planning stage, FTTH-type singlemode fiber optic cable can be installed from each suite to a wiring closet room at very low cost when compared to the expenses involved in retrofitting a building at a later date. It is also considerably less expensive to integrate outside-plant fiber optic cable into a duct entrance in the foundation of a building while the structure is still under construction.

OneGigabit uses several different methods of outdoor fiber optic cable construction to reach your building. Where possible, we utilize aerial (pole-to-pole) fiber optic cable on existing wooden telephone poles and BC Hydro poles. This is combined with micro-trenching, surface inlaid fiber, fiber in existing underground ducts and other methods of installing underground fiber optic cables in urban areas. If several adjacent condominium buildings are interested in obtaining service, it is frequently much less expensive to extend the OneGigabit fiber optic network to all of these buildings in a single construction project. In this arrangement the cost can be shared equally between buildings when compared to servicing just one building.

If your building is in a location that is too far from existing fiber or is uneconomical to serve using underground fiber optic cable, OneGigabit can provide service via a point-to-point microwave high capacity radio link. This is accomplished using equipment similar to our business wireless service offerings, combined with an upgrade to in-building wiring and router/switch infrastructure.

Do you want to bring OneGigabit service to your building?  Is your firm currently planning a new residential strata development? Contact us today to learn more about how OneGigabit can provide Vancouver’s fastest Internet service to your building.