OneGigabit is Vancouver, BC’s fastest Internet Service Provider, specializing in 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps fiber optic access in apartments, condominiums and office buildings throughout the metro GVRD. We accomplish this through a combination of fiber optic cables and point-to-point high capacity microwave radio solutions to reach areas which are presently unserved by true, high speed broadband.

Our firm specializes in the retrofit and upgrade of older multiple-tenant buildings. Through the use of innovative, new low-cost fiber optic cable technology and routers we are able to offer 1 Gbps service per suite at costs that are a fraction of the near-monopoly telecom incumbents in Canada. Even if your building is located too far from the nearest source of underground fiber to make a fiber-optic connection economical, OneGigabit’s rooftop mounted high-capacity microwave systems can provide access at 1 Gbps speeds at any location within a 15 to 20 km radius of the downtown core.

OneGigabit exists to bridge the growing Internet access divide between the several hundred buildings in the Vancouver area which do have access to underground fiber optic cables, many installed 10+ years ago, and the many thousands of buildings which do not presently have any form of real high-speed Internet access. We provide consulting and contracting services to building owners and real estate professionals who wish to upgrade their building’s access system to gain a competitive advantage over those properties without real broadband.