Vancouver: Wireless Microwave Point-to-Point Service Area

For buildings which are too far from OneGigabit’s existing fiber optic network or a third-party dark fiber optic cable, OneGigabit offers high capacity point-to-point microwave radio systems which can be mounted on a building roof. This equipment is suitable for 1 Gbps to 2 Gbps service to individual business customers and small to medium sized apartment/condominium buildings if they cannot be reached economically by fiber.

This service offering at a full 1 Gbps by wireless link is presently not cost effective for individual residential Internet customers that require service for a single home, but may be economical if shared between a minimum of ten or more homes which are located directly adjacent to each other.

Availability of this service is dependent upon clear line of sight from your rooftop location to one of OneGigabit’s access point locations, located on the roofs of several tall condominium and office buildings in the Vancouver area. Our point-to-point high capacity wireless services cover significant portions of Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam and Surrey

Please consult the following service area map for approximate service availability:

coverage lowermainland 6km map 990wide